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Dad Confronts Son’s Bully With Kindness After Learning About His Life

Sometimes a little kindness goes a long way, especially when an adult shows it to a young boy who needs it.

Many parents are doing their best to raise their children to become independent and responsible adults. This entails balancing, discipline, and lots of love. With that said, we cannot blame parents who are very protective of their kids especially when they learn that their precious child is being bullied at school.

Most parents will have a moment in their lives when they will have to tackle playground bullies making their kids unhappy. More often than not, a stern talking to with parents can sort out problems, but sometimes it takes a different tactic – as one Houston dad recently found out.

Aubrey Fontenot’s eight-year-old son, Jordan, revealed that he was being bullied in school. The institution had failed to help the young boy, but luckily, Jordan’s father knew exactly what to do.

While most parents would angrily march to the school, get mad at the teachers and staff for not helping their child, or even confront the bully themselves, Aubrey decided to spend some time with his son’s tormentor, Tamarion, and just talk.

The dad eventually got to know more about Tamarion and found out what’s causing his unruly behavior. Aubrey reached out to his son’s bully’s parents and asked if he could take the boy out for a nice afternoon drive.

After receiving permission from the supposed bully’s family, Aubrey picked up the boy for a drive so they could talk about why he’d been bullying his son. He quickly found out that the bully was lashing out because he’d been bullied himself by other kids for not having clean clothes because his family was facing financial difficulties.

While there’s no excuse for bullying, Aubrey quickly realized that this young boy needed help. Aubrey spent the rest of the afternoon by taking Tamarion to a nearby mall. There, he treated his son’s bully in a shopping spree in which the young boy bought some new clothes and a new pair of shoes.

On their way home, Aubrey and Tamarion strengthened their bond by singing along with the radio. And for the first time, Aubrey was happy to see Tamarion flashing a genuine smile.

He later seated Tamarion down with his son to have a conversation about bullying. Soon after, the two boys were already playing video games together.

Aubrey posted the story on Twitter, and it quickly went viral. Also, the father created a Go Fund Me campaign for Tamarion, and in four days $24,210 was raised for the young boy’s family.

Watch the video here:

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