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Baby Girl No Longer Recognizes Her Dad After He Shaves Off His Beard

She looked so disappointed.

It’s no secret that women love beards. However, there comes a time when a man will need to shave. This happened to a young father who needed to clean up for a new job. Unfortunately, his baby daughter wasn’t thrilled with daddy’s new look.

Little Claire is only seven months old but she has never seen her father without his beard. The adorable baby reportedly loves the beard so much and would always pull on it when playing with her daddy. Not surprisingly, Claire wasn’t happy when she realized that her father had shaved his beard.

That adorable little smile confirms how much little Claire loves her daddy’s beard.

Source: Newsflare

The video opens with Claire and her father playing peek-a-boo. The baby is clearly happy, constantly trying to pull the blanket away so she could see her dad’s facial hair.

It is then revealed that Claire’s father has decided to remove his beard in preparation for a job interview. Since the baby has never seen her dad without facial hair, her parents thought they should record her reaction.

Claire is initially excited to play peek-a-boo with her daddy, tugging at the blanket he is using to hide his face. When he finally drops the blanket and reveals his new look, her reaction is priceless.

Are you ready for Daddy’s new look?

Source: Newsflare

The baby is clearly disappointed to see that her beloved beard is gone. However, some people have also pointed out that Claire might be confused since the man sounds and smells like her father but looks completely different.

It’s understandable that Claire didn’t recognize her father right away. He does look very different without the beard. However, netizens can rest assured that the baby will eventually recognize her father, with or without his beard.

Hopefully, the change was worth it for Claire’s father. Nevertheless, if he doesn’t get the job, he can grow his beard again and continue playing peek-a-boo with his adorable daughter.

Watch the adorable full video below:

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