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Barefoot Dad At Daughter’s Graduation Earns Praise And Admiration

Even those who are too poor to send their kids to school believe that education is the key to success. They know that having a proper education can lead to better opportunities and a brighter future.

With that said, parents would do anything to complete their children’s education. In fact, one dad from the Philippines went viral for not allowing his financial troubles to stop him from sending his daughter to school. He may not have a lot of money to buy slippers for himself, but he had enough to help his child have a better life.

Indeed, a lot of poor people have later found success in life and became rich or lived comfortable lives after completing a college education. On this premise, a construction worker in La Fortuna, Oriental Mindoro sent his daughter to school despite their extreme poverty.

In the post shared by several Facebook pages, the dad could be seen assisting his kindergarten daughter to the stage. He was wearing a blue shirt with a Superman logo and a pair of shorts.

What made the photo tear-jerking, but admirable at the same time, was the fact that the dad was barefoot, so was his daughter.

The little girl was wearing a toga, with the two looking like they were on their way up the stage.

The picture speaks volumes about this family’s poverty, especially considering that most people would dress their best on special occasions like this one. But many felt sad that being barefoot and wearing just a pair of shorts was the best outfit this dad could wear for his daughter’s special day.

The post garnered a lot of sympathy from netizens who praised the dad for doing his best to send his daughter to school despite their situation. They also expressed admiration that this dad valued education so much and knew that even if he could not give his daughter a life of luxury, he could help give her a better future by sending her to school.

People are hoping the kid would be given a pair of shoes plus another pair for her dad.

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