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Dad Hated Daughter’s Tattoos But Got The Sweetest Surprise On Her Wedding

She was in for a big surprise after the wedding toast.

Kahleen Wadding loves tattoos, and she has very obvious ones. Her dad, however, is a not a fan of the skin art.

She describes her dad as a “straight-laced guy. No tattoos or piercings.” But she was in for a big surprise after the wedding toast.

It is safe to say that Kahleen and her dad don’t see eye to eye when it comes to these forms of body modification.

But he is also just a dad who wants to make his daughter happy.

Kahleen wrote:

“This is my father and I at my wedding. A few hours after this picture was taken, my dad blew my mind. As you can see, I have a fair amount of rather obvious tattoos. My dad has not always been a huge fan of them. He always asked, ‘Why would a person want to do that?’ My dad is a straight-laced guy. No tattoos or piercings, so my tattoos definitely weren’t his favorite thing about me. He liked to give me a hard time about my ink.”

Kahleen shared that she was very close to her dad when she was a little girl but had a “rebellious teenager” moment.

After graduating from high school, she joined the military. Kahleen said that she and her dad patched their relationship during her deployment.

“When I got home I went to nursing school, had a child and got several large tattoos. My dad was always a source of good advice and support during these years even if he didn’t agree with every choice I made.”

Her dad joked about what kind of tattoo should he get himself, Kahleen replied “Mushu, the tiny dragon from Mulan.”

Kahleen shared that Mulan is her and her dad’s favorite Disney movie. But since the Mushu tattoo was just a joke, the idea was eventually forgotten — until her wedding day arrived.

Just like in any other wedding ceremonies, Kahleen’s dad got on the microphone for the father-of-the-bride speech.

The dad clearly hasn’t forgotten about the Mushu tattoo joke as he talked about it during his speech. He then lifted his shirt up and revealed a brand new tattoo.

“I didn’t get Mushu, but I did get this,” the dad said.

Kahleen shared:

“On his chest, right by his heart, read the words, ‘The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.’”

Yes, his ink is a quote from Mulan.

The revelation stunned everyone in the audience, most especially Kahleen and her husband.

Kahleen’s dad is a perfect example that most fathers would do anything to make their children happy.

“My straight-laced dad (who still doesn’t like tattoos) got a tattoo just for me, and I couldn’t love him more.”

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