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Worried Dog Would Do Anything To Protect Owner Even From Medics

Nothing will stop this dog from protecting his owner

We all know the famous line, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” As it turns out, however, humans are definitely more than just a great pal for these four-legged pets.

One dog clearly proved that his owner is his everything from being his master to his best friend. Losing him would be unbearable for the broken-hearted dog that he would do anything to protect his human, even from the people who were trying to save him.

If there is a dog loyalty badge, this particular canine would definitely be one of the candidates.

A tear-jerking video showed the dog barking nonstop as he watched his owner laying on the road on a stretcher. Feeling so helpless, the worried pup’s bark sounded more and more desperate every second.

Two guys were trying to calm him down, but their effort didn’t work. The dog couldn’t take it any longer and tried to bite the guy who was holding him to get away from his grasps. He then ran hurriedly to his injured owner.

Thinking that the medics were hurting his owner or taking him away, the dog was on a full protection mode. He jumped on his owner’s stomach while barking at the ambulance staff, not realizing that they were just trying to help his best friend.

To reassure the dog that everything is going to be okay, the man gathered all the strength that he had left to hold and hug him. The other guys then covered the dog’s eyes with a hat so the medics could finally put the man to the ambulance.

As expected, netizens were so touched with the loyal dog’s gesture and many eventually left positive comments on the video.

One wrote:

“I’m 33, and I have never liked animals my whole life, but this right here has changed my opinion.”

Another added:

“Poor dog. I hope he and his human are both okay and back together SOON.”

Someone also said:

“We Humans don’t deserve dogs.”

Watch the video here:

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