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Judge Gets Unexpected Reunion With ‘Bad Boy’ He Helped 20 Years Ago

“It’s not a crime to get knocked down in life. But it’s a sin not to get up.”

Most people are probably already familiar with the Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio. The 82-year-old judge is well-known for being understanding of people who have been ticketed in Providence, Rhode Island.

The 6-times re-appointed Chief Judge has been winning hearts across the globe through his viral compassionate and humorous videos. And when Jose Jimenez walked into his courtroom, he shared an incredible story of how, 20 years ago, Judge Caprio changed the life of this self-proclaimed “bad boy.”

Jose Jimenez was in traffic court to discuss two parking tickets. He knew about one of the tickets and had already paid. But he was unaware of the previous ticket.

Judge Caprio then reiterated that it was around 1 O’clock when Jimenez was issued with a parking ticket violation five years ago. Jose explained that he did not receive any letter and thus was completely unaware of it until he was summoned to the court.

When Judge Caprio learned that Jose had already paid the one ticket but the payment was marked as late, he was quick to dismiss the additional late fine. He also waived the original parking ticket and told Jimenez he was free to go.

The whole thing would have ended there. But Jimenez revealed something that surprised everyone, including Judge Caprio.

“I wanna tell you something about my life … I wanna tell you ‘thank you’ because like 20 years ago, I was a bad boy like I’d be here every month.”

Jimenez then shared that Judge Caprio asked him a series of questions that made him change for the better.

“What do you want to be later? You want to be in jail? You want to die? Or do you want to be a somebody?” It was this question that Jimenez realized he needed to make a choice. And he chose to be somebody.

Prompted to start fresh, Jimenez worked hard to earn his U.S. citizenship. After that, he earned his CDL and went on to be a truck driver.

Judge Caprio admitted to not remembering the situation but explained that whenever he sees a spark in someone, he tries to encourage them to turn their life around.

“I will tell you something, you were down, and it’s not a crime to get knocked down in life, but it’s a sin not to get up … God loves you. Congratulations on turning your life around, come up here I want to shake your hand.”

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