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Man Catches Poor Pelican With Bare Hands To Save Its Life

When he noticed this poor bird had fishing wire tied around its beak, this man had to do something about it.

One man just proved that anyone can be a hero. The anonymous man decided to catch a poor pelican when he noticed it was in pain. He later proceeded to save its life by removing the wire entangled in the bird’s beak.

The man is shown cautiously approaching the pelican from behind. The bird is unaware of his intentions but is clearly in distress because of its beak. With one quick move, the man stepped in and caught the pelican by one of its legs.

This man is about to save this poor pelican.

The struggling bird was evidently worried. However, the man acted quickly, tucking its wings under his legs. Another man approached with a small knife and began cutting at the fishing wire that has been wrapped around the bird’s beak.

The two men worked quickly and soon the bird was able to open its beak again. However, the man who caught it wasn’t satisfied. He inspected the pelican’s beak and carefully removed more wire and even a fish hook from the bird.

Finally, it was time to let the bird go. The spectators were instructed to move back to give the pelican some space. The bird immediately hopped away and flew off to grab its first meal after a long time.

These anonymous men are truly great heroes.

People were undoubtedly in awe of the man’s quick action. Several comments thanked the two men for helping the bird.

“Thank you, kind sir, for saving one of God’s creations. The pelican lived to fly another day. You are a Hero, in my book!” one netizen wrote. “Well done to both of you good Samaritans. Hope you will be rewarded one day for your kindness to our wildlife,” wrote another fan.

The bird would have died if the fishing wire was not removed. Luckily, the two men didn’t even think and just decided to save it, even with their bare hands.

Watch the astonishing full video below:

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