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Man Questions God Why He Experienced a Lot of Inconvenience

“God, why do you allow a lot of ‘unfortunate things’ to happen to me today?”

“God Works in Mysterious Ways.”

If there is any statement that will instantly end any doubts and dialogues, it’s this one.

This is often thought to be something straight out of scripture, but actually comes from a 19th century hymn written by William Cowper, who wrote “God moves in mysterious ways.” And, indeed—God is very mysterious to us limited human beings.

The story below, even though fictional, will remind you that God’s ways are a little more explainable than you thought.

Me: God, can I ask you something?

God: Sure.

Me: Promise first, you won’t get angry.

God: Yes, promise.

Me: Why do you allow a lot of ‘unfortunate things’ to happen to me today?

God: What does that mean?

Me: My alarm clock mysteriously stopped working. So I woke up late.

God: Yes.

Me: My car took a long time to start.

God: Okay.

Me: The crew at my favorite fast-food restaurant gave me the wrong order so I threw it and skipped eating lunch out of frustration.

God: Hmm.

Me: On my way home, my phone suddenly died while I was talking about a huge business opportunity.

God: Right.

Me: And when I finally got home, I just wanted to relax a little bit by watching Netflix but the internet didn’t work! Nothing goes right on this day.

God: I understand how frustrated you are, but there was an angel of death this morning. So I sent a guardian angel to fight against him. So that nothing bad will happen to you. That’s why I let you overslept this morning.

Me: Oh, but…

God: I prevented your car from turning on in time because there was a speeding drunk driver who was about to hit you right after you left your garage.

Me: …

God: The burger you threw away was picked up by a homeless man who planned to rob and stab you out of desperation and hunger. I saved his life and save yours as well.

Me: *embarrassed*

God: Your phone died to prevent you from getting involved with bad persons with malicious intentions. And to prevent you from getting distracted thus saving some pedestrian’s life or yours.

Me: Ohhhh… *tears started falling*

God: Oh about your Netflix and internet. You were so tired after a long frustrating day. If you had fallen asleep, leaving your TV on standby. It would have caused a fire that would’ve destroyed your home.

Me: *starts crying*…. forgive me Lord.

God: It’s okay, there’s no need to apologize. I want you to learn to trust me. Everything happens for a reason.

Me: Thank you for everything.

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