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Son Placed For Adoption 36 Yrs Ago Finds Birth Parents & Helps Them Fall In Love

Some romances are truly meant to be, and no amount of time or distance can get in the way.

When adopted children meet their birth parents, high expectations on either side can sometimes cause real trouble. This fear is understandably something all people involved wanted to avoid, but it also means that they might miss out on a happy ending.

Martin Schmidt knew from a young age he was adopted, but he didn’t seek out his biological parents until he was about to have children of his own. He finally decided to get in touch with his biological mother, Michele Newman, who was living in Hawaii at the time. Little did Martin know that he would play an amazing role in his biological parents’ future.

This story all started in the early 1980s when Michele and Dave Lindgren were dating in high school in Loyal, Wisconsin. Michele got pregnant at age 15, right about the time she and Dave were breaking up, and the baby was given up for adoption.

That baby is now 36 years old and finally got the courage to contact his birth parents after his adoptive parents, William and Cynthia Schmidt, gave him the paperwork he needed when he was 18.

When Martin found Michele through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, they spoke on the phone, and it was very emotional. Michele eventually contacted Martin’s biological father, whom she hadn’t spoken to since her pregnancy.

Dave was still living in Wisconsin, and he was greatly surprised when he received Michele’s text. He called her back, and the two talked until the sun came up. That one conversation then led to many more.

Dave learned that Michele had moved to Hawaii in her 20s, had been married twice, but had no children. Meanwhile, Michele learned about Dave’s children, the fact he was going through a divorce, and more about his large extended family.

It seems that it was not just Schmidt who was getting to know Dave and Michele better, but the former couple was taking this time to get to know one another better too.

Eventually, Dave proposed to Michele, and when the couple married, Martin, their biological son and the reason for reconnecting, officiated the ceremony. The story of their journey together is beautiful, and it was made possible because they chose life for their son, Martin, who found his way back to them.

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7 Important Baby Cues Every Parent Needs to Know

Newborn tip: Use baby’s hands as a guide to how full she is!

From the minute your baby is born, each of their senses – hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting work together to form a complete picture of what’s going on around them. Although they couldn’t speak yet, they actually can tell you something with every little action that they do.

Unfortunately for parents, none of them speak baby. However, it is important for every parent to be able to read the baby’s body language, and here are seven communication clues to decode them.

1. Communication Clue: Arching Back


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Bride Who Loves “Little Mermaid” Stunned When Dad Brings Real Ariel To Sing On Her Wedding

Just look at the way he looks at her!

A lot of women dream about their wedding day since they were little girls and let's face it: most of these imaginations and ideas definitely had a Disney-theme in it.

For one particular bride, Krysten Green, her all-time favorite Disney animated film is “The Little Mermaid.” Although she had a beautiful traditional wedding, her dad didn’t want to end the ceremony without incorporating the 1989 movie in the event. That’s when he found the best wedding gift for his beloved daughter.


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Identical Twin Sisters Gave Birth To Sons On The Same Day

If this doesn’t make you believe in a special twin bond, then we don’t know what will.

Twins have a different bond than regular brothers and sisters. They have a connection that only they could understand. And sometimes, these connections are so incredible that some stories seemed to be straight out of a movie.

Take identical twins Jalynne April Crawford and Janelle Ann Leopoldo’s story, for example. The sisters gave birth to sons on the same day, in the same Arizona hospital and both by C-section. If that doesn't make you believe in a special twin bond, then we don't know what will.


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