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Stray Mama Dog Begs For Food Then Brings it Home to Her Puppies

In spite of being hungry herself, like all loving mothers she feeds her puppies first!

Truly, a mother’s love is like nothing else in the world – that applies for both humans and animals alike. A mother will do anything and everything for the sake of her children, while oftentimes disregarding her own welfare and desires.

Such is the case of a mother dog, who was caught on camera while begging for food in a street in Bangkok, Thailand. After tucking her babies in a place she feels they will be secure, an obviously hungry mother dog goes around in search of food. In spite of being hungry herself, like all loving mothers she feeds her puppies first!

According to the person who posted the video, the dog was begging for food the second time. The first time, he gave the pup one of his pieces of grilled chicken. Instead of eating it like he expected, the dog ran away while holding the grilled chicken in her mouth. The man was curious about where the dog went, so after seeing her came back, he took out his phone and started recording.

Just like the first time, the dog came up to the man and took the chicken he offered. When the dog walked away, the man followed the pup through the streets of Bangkok. The man and dog walked a few blocks, heading out of the market and towards a residential area.

At first, the dog didn’t seem to notice the camera operator. But then, she turned around and looked at him, pausing for just a moment before she decided that she could trust him. She led him into a backyard with a shed. She ran into the shed, and a moment later, four adorable puppies followed her out!

Three of the puppies went to their mom, while one straight for the camera operator, who had a bag full of grilled chicken for all the puppies to enjoy. The mama dog and her pups couldn’t have been more excited to see all the food.

As the video ends, the mama dog looks at the kind camera operator for a moment and wags her tail. It almost seems like she’s thanking him for bringing all this food for her babies.

The mama dog and the camera operator are both amazingly kindhearted—the camera operator was willing to give up his lunch for a hungry dog, and the mama dog made sure her puppies ate before she took a bite. Watch the whole sweet interaction between the camera operator and the mama dog in the video below!

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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She is definitely a good mom.

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